Free Hologram Calls for Everyone

Communicate as Hologram, in Augmented Reality. Feel the presence of your friends or colleagues on the floor in front of you. Seen as lifelike avatars through the phone or AR glasses. Say goodbye to bad video calls where no one is paying attention. With ARcall you can replace Zoom, Skype and traveling, by using AR to Teleport anywhere. Visualize with new tools, and get a sense of shared presence.



The features from a social messaging app + call friends and colleagues in Augmented Reality.


AR call

See and talk to up to 10 friends or colleagues, as lifelike avatars through the phone or AR glasses.


Did you know?

Your mobile can be converted to a mobile beamer. Showing Holograms of your friends.

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Collaboration 2.0 for the earth

Organizations are struggling to collaborate effectively. Collaborative problem solving and distributed teams increase. $100B annually on polluting flights, so folks can sit next to one another, and work together. Act for the global goals, try a sustainability tool, be a #goalstar.



Supported Devices

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AR call team is available physically in Munich 17-18 October at Augmented World Expo, Booth #S20 ( We are in London 4-6 November and Helsinki 21-22 November at Slush 2019 ( Book a meeting with us using the form below.

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Get a 3D version of yourself

Optionally you can use an exact version of yourself, in 3D. Read more here.

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