Hologram Calls

Talk to your friend as a Hologram, in Augmented Reality (AR). Call your friend as she was on the floor in front of you. Through the phone. Do new things and share cool screen videos. Bring your friends to the newest social network. "Beam me up Scotty"



The features from a social messaging app + call friends in Augmented Reality.


AR call

Record cool and fun videos together with friends. Browse popular videos, follow popular users and hashtags. Share and become an influencer.



Invite your friends to get the most out of the app. Create groups. Have fun with the smartphone together.


Create YOUR Magic Moments

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Supported Devices

Works on iPhones 6s and newer, hundreds of Android phones. Soon we will support AR glasses.


How AR works

With AR (Augmented Reality) you can see digital items through your phone, for example the Ikea Place app.

ar ikea place.jpg


Have Fun Together


Get a (optional) Digital Me

Use a digital version of yourself in the app. Get a Sony Xperia mobile, or get help from a Superuser friend who has it.

Android users

  1. Install apps Sony 3D Creator and Shadow Avatars (Download here).

  2. In 3D Creator, scan head, click Share and open it in Shadow Avatars.

  3. In Shadow, select body and clothes. Click PlayWithAvatar and select "AR Call" in the pop up menu.   

iOS users

  1. Go to a Superuser friend with Sony Xperia phone. CreateUser/Login to AR Call on that phone. Follow steps 1-3 above and logout.

  2. Now you can log in on an iOS device and you have your own Digital Me.

“AR call” me soon!


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