Meet in 3D - VR Conference

Feel the participants being there. Talk or present. Draw on whiteboard or in 3D to share ideas. Share 3D objects or environments. Enjoy the next generation communication solution.


JUST ENTER SAME Room name to join

Never been easier. No matter if they join from iOS app, Android app or PC with Vive or Oculus. 



In the 3D meeting, show the agenda from your powerpoints. Show maps, google documents, Excel, Trello, Jira just like you would in reality. Almost any modern tool, document or presentation can be viewed through a browser. Hint: copy the url before -  then 1-click to present. 

vrconf draw in 3d on city.jpg


Draw like you never can in video calls. Walk up to the whiteboard and draw to understand each other. Or draw in 3D "in the air". You might want to load a 3d object, for example a city area, a car, and draw on it.


When you want to share your mobile camera it opens up a large TV for all the other participants, right in front of them. 


You can use a digital version of your own face and body in the 3D meeting. To get your face in the meeting, get a Sony mobile with 3D creator and the Shadow app, or get help from a professional partner.

Android users:

  1. Install (and login) to apps Telia VR ConferenceSony 3D Creator and Shadow Avatars.

  2. Scan face in 3DCreator and click Share, to open it in Shadow. A wizard let you select body and clothes.

  3. In Shadow click PlayWithAvatar and select "VR Conference" in the pop up menu to open that app.

  4. In VR Conference click Avatar to view your new avatar. Start a meeting by entering a conference code and tell the code to the other participants. When they join they see the digital version of you in the 3D meeting and can talk to you.  

iOS users:

  1. Go to a friend or professional partner that has a compatible (Android) phone. Create or Login to TeliaVRConference on that phone. Follow steps above and logout.

  2. Now you can log in on an iOS device and get your own avatar.

CTO of Telia presenting at KTH

public meetings

Modern brands can enrich public meetings with live presence in 3D with distant experts. Here, Telia CTO presents together with experts from Japan and UK, participating through the VR conference and visible for live audience through the projector.

xc90 transparent.png


Present any 3D object. Lift it, zoom, rotate. Develop and design the next version of your product - Together with your colleagues, wherever you are.


Sometimes get another meeting environment

Select a room named beach, moon, Paris etc to immediately get the meeting in the right environment. Or upload and use your own 360 image or video.   


With 1-click get images from the meeting saved to the MyDocuments folder so you can share them.


In the 3D meeting you can share from a 360 camera LIVE! So your participants can feel like they are on the other place real time and look around.


10 euro/user/month paid yearly.


Name *


 You can be up to 16 participants in the meeting. Make sure that all participants use headphones to get a good meeting audio quality.

Start or Join a meeting

From the main menu, enter a room code to enter a meeting, e.g. “scrum4”.  All users that enter the same room code, end up in the same meeting.

The room code need to be at least 4 characters. Room codes are always lower case to reduce confusion.

If your meeting is more secret, use and distribute a complex room code like “ajfs34jh3gm”. The room code is visible inside the meeting at the wall.

Bring up the menu

For the mobile users, direct your phone so the small dot in the center, is placed on the menu button for 2 seconds. If you look above the menu, it disappears again. To select items, “look at them” (have the small dot above it) for 2 seconds.

Share camera

To share something to the participants, it is often useful to share your camera view.

Share a 3D object

Sharing 3D objects give a new opportunity to discuss things in 3D.

For Vive/Oculus users, pick up a 3D object ball and put it on the spawn-plate.

For mobile users, select a 3D object in the menu.

To get additional 3D objects into the conference, please contact a professional partner.


Draw together on Whiteboard or in 3D

As Vive/Oculus user, you can clarify things by drawing on the whiteboard with the pens.

With the 3D pens next to the whiteboard, you can draw “in the air” wherever you want. You can also collaborate with other people in the meeting to create something fantastic.

Make sure to document the results using the selfie stick and to distribute the resulting images stored in MyDocuments.  

Share agenda on Browser

As Vive/Oculus user, you can share anything that can be shown in a browser. For example a powerpoint, presentation, document, trello board, jira board etc.

If you copy (ctrl-C) before you enter the meeting, then you can just press the button “Paste and Go” to get the webpage visible for everybody.

The browser images is distributed from the sender, to the other participants, as images updated every 5 seconds.

Document the results - Take a selfie

As Vive/Oculus user, you can bring up the selfie stick and take pictures. The pictures is shown in the meeting, and also saved to the local PC in directory MyDocuments/VR Conference selfies.

Share environment (360 images and video)

Both PC and Mobile users can upload and share 360 images and 360 video, in order to get a feeling from beeing at the other place, the other environment.

As mobile user, bring up the menu, select Share environment, and select the environment you want to share.

As Vive/Oculus user, place the 360 ball on the spawn-plate.

To upload new content, press the icon in the main menu to go to the vrconference online. The 360 images and 360 video need to be

  1. equirectangular format,

  2. mp4,

  3. size should be dividable with 2 and

  4. double width than height.

You can have up to 8 of them active at the same time.

When you start the meeting next time, you see your new content. Then you can share it with the participants.

Note. Large content adds requirements on network size of the clients participating. E.g. 4K video is heavy for clients on weak mobile networks. Then HD video is usually more easier to consume.

Oculus controls

When using VR Headsets Oculus and Vive with VR Conference, then you can walk around and do more things.

To press things with your VR hands, you need to make the hands “physical”.



Vive controls




Share Live 360

  1. Read the Administration manual on how to set up a Live stream from a 360 camera. As PC user copy the url to the public stream, so you have it in clipboard.

  2. Open VR the conference. It will recognise the url in the clipboard and show a LIVE-ball.

  3. Put the live-ball on the plate, to start share your LIVE 360 experience to the users in the conference.

Advanced Functions

For advanced functions, like:

  • Upload 3D Objects

  • Upload 360 video

  • Setup LIVE 360-video

Please refer to the Administration Manual (please contact us or a professional partner).

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