Augmented Reality (AR)

We develop mobile, social & innovative solutions that improve people's everyday lives.


ar call - SOCIAL NETWORK is a video social network app for AR communication. Through the app, users can "beam me up" to see and talk to each other in AR (Augmented Reality). Create videos and share. Get a Digital Me so others can see you as you were there.


3d meeting SERVICE

Want more than a video call and feel more presence? See each other in 3D, talk, work, draw on whiteboard or in 3D, share 360 environments, or discuss 3D objects. Great for architects, real estate brokers, engineering teams, teachers, city planners. Partners Telia Company and Sony Mobile.


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ar schoolyard (digitalization)

Your schoolyard just became digital. AR school app let you explore important concepts like never before. We support the school digitalisation process by providing another study material type. On 1.400.000 schools all around the world.

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social location based solutions IN AR

Build artwork in AR using your mobile phone. Use blocks, lights and creative objects. View your neighbourhood enriched. You can collaborate with others. With Augment Reality the buildings stay on the spot.
We are currently looking for IP partners. See


ar history

Experience history in AR with a digital guide that present historical buildings and fascinating moments. From all over the world, preferred guides help create content that together with maps, 3D objects give you an unforgettable memory from the site. See also


We develop advanced AR solutions for testing autonomous traffic scenarios in lab and on real test track. See virtual test objects on top of the reality, in smartphones and AR glasses. We are also proudly arranger of the AstaZero Challenge & Chalmers Hackathon


AR Musical Platform

We have developed a solution for visualising music artist performances in AR. See also


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