Meet in VR Conference

Beyond video conferences, feel the presence of the participants. See each other in VR, talk, work, draw, draw in 3D, share environments with 360 images/video, or load 3D objects. Great for architects, real estate brokers, engineering teams, teachers, city planners. First customer is Telia Company

Testing Solutions like AR Traffic

ar vehicle test viewer.png

For testing advanced autonomous traffic scenarios in lab and test track. See virtual test objects on top of reality, in smartphone and AR glasses. We are also proudly arranged the AstaZero Challenge & Chalmers Hackathon 2017. 

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Collaborative Street Art with

map version.png
 Build in Mobile Augmented Reality (AR)
spotbuild castle small.jpg

Location Based AR solutions. With Spotbuild you can build amazing buildings, in AR, and place them on a spot of the map. For iOS or your ARcore compatible mobile phone. We are currently looking for IP partners. See more or download here.

Experience history like never before with AR History


Go back in history and experience it in AR with your digital guide, that present historical buildings and fascinating moments. Interact with cannons and objects, to defend fortresses and castles, by shooting down the enemy ships seen out on the real ocean. All in AR. The app is designed together with National Property Board in Sweden ( and historical experts. Please contact us if you want to bring Your Place to life, in AR, and increase revenues. To be released 1st of July 2018.

Come closer to your artist. We have Spotify as customers, and we develop a solution for visualising music artist performances in AR. In full scale so you can join the dance and share with friends, or zoomed in as below.

VR Escape Game, Automated Puzzles

We develop a social multiplayer teamwork game for solving puzzles together. In VR with mobile phones, Vive or Oculus, including communication solutions.


Interior Design

We developed a VR Interior Design Solution to see how furniture look in a room. Before Ikea Place. It supports the sales process and give users images they share. Awarded 1st price on Gothenburg Startup Hack 2016. 

Now, we build AR (Augmented Reality) design solutions to see how furniture look, through your smartphone.

AR Car Sales Tool

Augmented Reality solutions for smartphones. Nice to see the classic Porsche 911 in our office. Could be a great tool for evaluating my next car to buy. We develop a new way to sell cars with the newest markerless augmented reality for smartphones. Contact us for more info.



Facescan integration on GDC. Our solution with Bellus3D face scan gives a 3D version of You! In our multiplayer solutions, conferences and games, it enriches the feeling of presence. Shown in Moscone center, San Fransisco.

FatMap - Ski Map Company

Together with FatMap, one of the worlds largest ski map companies, we build a mobile AR ski mapping solution. Mountains, lifts and brands can be viewed in a completely new way.

VR Craft

We developed VR Craft, a smartphone game where you in VR can build new worlds of blocks. Download app, place smartphone in a holder, and start building. But be aware of the zombies. A must for all Minecraft lovers. More than 200.000 users on Android or iOS.


IFK Gothenburg

We produced game highlight 360 video for IFK Gothenburg, to be viewed by fans on their mobile phone.


InceptiveLabs VR Blog

We have built VR blog functionality where users easily can upload 360-content, walk around in it using only mobile. In Cardboard mode or full screen. Share on social media, dynamically build menu and so on. All built in Javascript. 



Come visit us at Mobile World Congress (MWC18) in Hall 7, stand F41.  We enrich your offer to your company customers.

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Mobile AR Hackathon 2019

Hack and learn new Augmented Reality technology, hands on. Spend time with passionate people for a long-weekend on a great place. More info here. Apply for upcoming hackathons here


360 VR Film Production with KTH and Telia

We made a 360 VR film together with KTH and Telia for the VR Sci Fest at KTH in may 2017.

We are hiring

We are currently looking for experienced Unity developers to our team in Gothenburg. Please contact us below if you are interested in creating awesome AR solutions.



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