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Seen the big, clumsy VR headsets and thought about gaming? We do that tech, but we do it for e-commerces, manufacturers, educators, and many more. VR means fully immersive experiences through headsets while AR displays digital objects via your phone, similar to a snapchat-filter or Pokémon GO.
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We expand communication beyond 2D-screens and physical boundaries to innovative 3D experiences with AR and VR. Collaborate and interact with virtual objects in real time with your customers or colleagues via applications for AR-, VR-headsets or phones and computers.

We make communication more fun, real and efficient, and also reduce the need for prototypes and traveling through VR conferences and our platform AR Call.



We drive conversion by helping companies show themselves and their products in more engaging ways. AR can enhance product interaction and let e-commerces customers try products virtually and better understand e.g. furniture with endless product combinations in a simple way.

AR and VR can also be used for innovative marketing campaigns for PR. See our case with
Qvesarum and understand how powerful AR can be for e-commerces.



Through AR and VR, we help educators improve learning outcomes through increased engagement and interaction. Companies and organisations can use the technology to efficiently onboard employees or simulate events, meanwhile schools can use our services to engage students in subjects like social sciences.

Read about our project AR School where we help teachers activate students.


Anders Baer, Product Development Manager at Telia Company

We developed a highly competent VR Conference tool together with Mixtive. I like the team at Mixtive, their visions and their work on AR & VR.


Experienced with over 20 AR and VR projects in different areas, we are comfortable working together with small companies as well as big organisations. We have built VR-solutions together with Telia Company, publicly funded AR-applications for schools and web-AR experiences to e-commerce’s like Qvesarum. What does your business need?
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Inceptive Group is a digital house founded to gather people engaged and competent people in the industry. This is where consultants who are passionate about technology and user experience can grow together.


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Augmented Reality (AR) used in sales has been proven successful. Retail Customer Experience (2020) declares for a 90% increased conversion rates. For e-commerces, 3D and AR can easily be integrated like this, allowing for product configuration of a 3D-model and the possibility to experience that product and better understand e.g. its size with AR.

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As always, your product needs a description, even though the 3D-model and AR-replica will tell most of the story. Also, don’t forget to announce that the product can be configurated, here by adjusting the texture.