Get a 3D version of yourself

Optionally you can use a 3D exact version of yourself. Get a Sony Xperia mobile, or get help from a friend who has it.

Android users

  1. Install apps Sony 3D Creator and Shadow Avatars (Download here). And “AR call Digitizer”.

  2. In AR call, go to Settings -> Change Avatar and click “+”. Follow the flow to scan head in 3D creator, click Share and open it in Shadow.

  3. In Shadow, select body and clothes. Click PlayWithAvatar and select "AR Call Digitizer" in the pop up menu. Click Ok to come back to ARcall. Go to Settings->Change Avatar. Select “Me” and click Save.

  4. Now you can do a test call with your new avatar.

iOS users

  1. Go to a friend with Sony Xperia phone. Sign up to AR Call on that phone, or Login if you already have an account. Follow steps 1-3 above. Logout.

  2. Now you can log in on your iOS device and you have your own Digital Me.

“ar call” me soon!


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