Create Art in 3D

Build the coolest art in your block. With the Spotbuild app you can build in 3D, in Reality with AR (Augmented Reality), Minecraft style. If you want, others can see it and even continue building on it, to make a fantastic landmark together.


ON a special place

When you visit a beautiful place, be creative and go wild. Show us what you can do!


Build with A phone

Download the app, go to a place you want to build something, and use the app to be creative.


Create Competitions

Arrange a local competition who can build the most beautiful thing. Or Crazy. Share and contact us for price sponsoring.


Manifest For the Global Goals

Build something on a popular place to manifest your commitment for action for reaching the Global Goals.


Spread the Word

Share in your channels and we will be forever thankful to you. #spotbuild #sdg #globalgoals


People are building

We just released and people are building things  everywhere!

We just released and people are building things everywhere!


Keep Informed

White Label Solutions

Do you need a Geo Positioned AR Solution to your brand, please contact Us.


Support our mission to enrich our environment with street art in 3D.

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