We digitise schoolyards and give students teaching material in 3D and Augmented Reality

Explore, create and activate

Students create videos and learn in the process. They explore things in 3D and discover. When the teacher shows, it becomes a reality-inspired experience.

Try on Your Schoolyard

How it works

  1. Download the app to your smartphone or tablet.

  2. Go out on your schoolyard and see your daily challenges on a map, like Pokemon Go.

  3. Walk close, open them and see different things in 3D, as they were there.


Our content is connected to the central content of the national curriculum.

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For example:

  • Live animals (Learn the most important bird names faster)

  • UNESCO buildings. Walk around and explore cool places, like if you were there.

  • Do study visits that is hard to do. Visit a sami village in Northern Sweden.

  • Practice language skills. E.g. Be in a kitchen and practice kitchen words in spanish, french, english etc.

  • Explore space in animated 3D. And much much more…

See it and interact through the mobile phone or tablet

Each day develop your character by completing challenges. Level up and gain knowledge and win.
The app makes your schoolyard digital. AR (Augmented Reality) is used to create a feeling that the 3D objects are there, right in front of you.


Study visits every day, on our own schoolyard!
— Magnus Willner


  • New tool and teaching material for teachers.

  • Well suited for special students.

  • Inspiring and engaging learning environment.

  • Explore and be challenged

  • Participation and activates students.

  • Exciting and innovative

  • Works indoor and outdoor

  • Works offline


Teacher Guidelines

Read the hints and suggestions on exercises for teachers, here. Get insights on how to use the app in the best way.

General exercises

6 step learning process:

  1. Walkthrough together in the class.

  2. Explore the visualisation, 2 and 2 (group size depending on number of device available).

  3. Do the quiz. If needed, explore more and do the quiz again. When happy, show the teacher.

  4. In the group, write a script for a screen movie where you present the visualization, like a tv-reporter.

  5. Record the screen movie and cut it in video editing tool.

  6. Present for the video for the class. And have a short speech about your most important findings.


Teacher Pick and Drag

Teachers can plan a lession by pick and drag content to the spot you like on your schoolyard.


We inform about and support the 17 sustainability goals



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We are Expanding

To find out if your school is covered, just download and start the app, or click   here  .

Find out that your schoolyard is digitalised.
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