Try Next Generation Meetings in 3D

Talk to each other in 3D. In this new social network you can chat, send images, video etc that you expect. But 5G brings new opportunities. You can already now bring up a whiteboard together, share agendas or any webcontent.



The functions you need from a social messaging app. Plus the options to call friends in Augmented Reality (AR).

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VR Meetings

Share and discuss 3D models is great of engineers, architects etc. You can also share 360 images, take selfies, and have a fun and productive meeting.



Invite your friends to get the most out of the app. Create groups. Have fun with the smartphone together.


Didn’t know it was so easy to start a 3D meeting


  • Can take selfies in the 3D world

  • Messaging app like you are used to

  • Advanced features

    • Share 3D models

    • Possible to enter a world from your 360 image or video

    • Can virtually teleport and be in the other place, with shared 360 live video

  • Better feeling of presence in 3D

  • Instant messaging and social network

  • Communicate worldwide

  • Works on your smartphone. Don’t need any other equipment

  • But can if you want use Vive or Oculus to get more

  • Draw on whiteboard or in 3D, together

  • Possible to talk about shared 3D things

  • Share browser content in the 3D meeting



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