How to Start a AR Call

arcall icon to make a arcall.png
  1. Search for the name of a friend. If he/she is not having an account yet, then click Menu and “Invites” to invite them. Or tell them to register on AR Call.

  2. Select them in AR call and click the AR Call icon.

How to invite friends

Go to the menu and click Invites. Follow the wizard to invite your friends.

How to get a Digital Me in the app (Optional)

Get an Android mobile, or get help from friend who has it. Then you can custom create an avatar. If you have a Sony Xperia you can also scan the head to get a super accurate Digital Me.

Android users

  1. Install apps Sony 3D Creator and Shadow Avatars (Download here).

  2. In 3D Creator, scan head, click Share and open it in Shadow Avatars.

  3. In Shadow, select body and clothes. Click PlayWithAvatar and select "AR Call" in the pop up menu.

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