Ar in E-commerce

We do product visualizations, 3D-configurations and virtual try-ons. We improve conversion, time-on-site and engagement.

450 %

Increased conversion

350 %

Increased time on site

+ 80 000


3D configuration

With a rapidly increasing demand, customers are nowadays expecting to both be able to configure their project and to learn about it more than just through a picture. Mixtive do this, just like the simple example with the suitcase, and have built a 3D and AR-configurator for Qvesarum, a company with over 50 000 combinations of doors.

Product visualization

Using product visualization with AR helps potential customers to better undertand the product and therefore to make better purchase decisions. As we saw in the case for Postery, one of Sweden’s biggest e-commerces for wall art, conversion and time on site increased tremendously with AR.

Virtual try-ons

Virtual Try-ons refers to when displaying a product onto the user, like a watch in the video. It is enabled through filters using Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, and integrated to the website, allowing an instant possiblity to try out products like watches, glasses, necklaces or bowties.


For e-commerces, 3D and AR can easily be integrated like this, allowing for product configuration of a 3D-model and the possibility to experience that product and better understand e.g. its size with AR.

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As always, your product needs a description, even though the 3D-model and AR-replica will tell most of the story. Also, don’t forget to announce that the product can be configurated, here by adjusting the texture.



AR in a sales process. Produced together with Bästa Sändningstid.