Next generation of remote communication & collaboration

We are now taking the next steps in the development of an enhanced and simplified remote communication. Created to demonstrate objects for sales, education or reviews, as a real-time streamed VR Conference solution.

Now, we want to align our purpose with your challenges.



VR Stream
A streamer’s in-VR point-of-view shared with spectators with only one VR headset necessary
Real time communication between VR host and spectators via voice and chat
web based
Spectators get quick-access via desktop browser, shared through e.g. a Slack message

While engaging in VR, the practitioner can in a better way act as if the object was real, enabling a better and more efficient message transfer.


Starting in 2016, Mixtive as a part of Inceptive, discovered the possibilities with VR conferences. It was long before a pandemic emptied conference rooms and made people complain about 2D-conferences such as Teams or Zoom. Together with i.e. Telia Company, we understood the potential as well as the flaws of such a tool.

As of 2021, we have decided to capitalize on our learnings and develop a new concept, with emphasis put on a user-friendly experience that exploits the possibilities in VR but duck some of its most common obstacles.
Are you curious about finding new ways for communicating? We are now looking to share our development with some selected partners that serve as testers and critics, so that we can help you solve your future problems.
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We will reach out to hear about your thoughts and if appropriate join in for testing, workshops and further discussions. Contact hello@mixtive.com for all inquiries.