VR Conference

Communicate and collaborate in virtual reality with VR Conference.
Partnering with Telia Company and Sony Mobile.

Oculus Quest 2 i vitt VR headset

The story behind
VR Conference

Starting in early 2017, Mixtive discovered the possibilities with VR conferences, long before we saw empty conference rooms and heard people complain about the lack of human interaction in 2D-conferences such as Meet, Teams or Zoom.

The project continued together with Telia Company as a partner and co-developer, and has evolved together with the technology’s capacity over the years. Seeing great value in enhanced communication, VR Conference was renewed in 2021 and an ongoing project.

Feel the presence of others participants

Interact with up to 14 colleagues and friends. Share your thoughts and ideas in a whole new way and receive instant feedback, as you were in the same room!

Working from home

With new ways of working, we face an increasing demand of innovative communication solutions. 

Create a custom, virtual meeting environment where you can:

– Hold live presentations
– Present browser content
– Draw on whiteboards and in 3D
– Share 3D-models with other participants

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