AR School

Our Augmented Reality (AR) app that educates children on the global goals in a fun, interactive and engaging way. Proudly selected for support from Norrsken House, SIDA 2019 and Vinnova Aktiva Skoltransporter.

Go discover

Go discover Challenges, Interactive Quizzes, Augmented Reality Portals. Eagles landing, Lions approaching, Young Leaders showing actions for the Global Sustainability Goals. The app has a step counter so your class can “walk to New York or Paris together”.

Global Goals Student Handout

A “Pokemon GO” at
your school

Download the app to an iPhone, Android, or tablet.

Walk around on your schoolyard to see challenges on a map, like Pokemon Go. Or in the classroom choose the subject you are working with. Walk within 15 meters, open the Station and explore challenges. Some are in 3D and AR.

Teachers – get your class moving

In the app, register an account and login. You can assign the class challenges that they do on the way to or from school. The students get a notification in the app and start the challenge. When they arrive at school, they can complete the challenge and fill in a short text depending on the type of challenge. Then you can all see the class km they walked or cycled together.

Thank you! Now, go back and click the AppStore/GooglePlay link to download and install the app.
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Impact on 1.4 million schools

We have placed digital content on most schoolyards in Europe, USA, Africa and Asia. We want to be a driving force for action for the Global Goals (SDGS) and active school transportation. For example 100.000 schools in USA. Help us spread the word. US, Canada, UK, EU, FR, Africa, Sweden

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