As a part of Inceptive Group, we have capacity and experience for engaging in big projects, yet we still seek the feel of a startup, nurturing every relationship.

The story of Mixtive

We are proud to exist based on witnessed demands and possibilties, as well as an urge for exploration.

In 2006, the initial spark for Mixtive was seen in Willner and his co-workers foundation of Inceptive. The IT-company was conceived out of an idea to help development teams create great software.

In 2015, there was now four companies, including Iceberry, Uptive and Sthlm Tech. Along with the big peak in interest for the technology, Inceptive and Uptive now engaged in projects on AR & VR.

In 2016, as a natural fallout, Mixtive was founded. The place for in-house exploration now had a name and a purpose: To help employ the company groups' resources and to help companies grow with AR and VR.

In 2020, Mixtive renewed its aspirations with new employees and a re-focus after seeing several successful projects, now emphasizing the focus on customer driven development and market creation.

A part of Inceptive group

Together with 80+ consultants within Dev, Test, Lead and UX, we know AR & VR.

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