As a part of Inceptive Group, we have capacity and experience for engaging in big projects, yet we still seek the feel of a startup, nurturing every relationship.

Our story

Extended Reality (XR) comprising AR, MR and VR, has for many years seen a technology problem, hindering adoption and a big commercial break-through. Nowadays, this is more a diffusion problem, meaning that the challenge lies within meeting demands so that the value clearly benefits businesses, being more than just a gimmick.

Two serial entrepreneurs established Mixtive in 2017 based on this identified opportunity and need. It initially became a place for in-house exploration for Inceptive Group, but quickly got involved in projects with Telia, Sony, North Projects and many more. Mixtive took the next step in 2020 when expanding the team and rephrasing its goals, now looking at a future as the key nisch player in the AR and VR industry.

Meet the experts

We are a tight management team with a shared vision: To help others be innovative and grow with our AR and VR products. It means that we are passionate about XR technology, thoughtful people and true team players. Meet us below.

Magnus Willner at Mixtive

Magnus Willner

Founder & CEO
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Adam Olivegren at Mixtive

Adam Olivegren

Business & Tech
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Hampus Frodell at Mixtive

Hampus Frodell

Business & Sales
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Christian Josefsson at Mixtive

Christian Josefsson

Co-founder & Advisor
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